Six musicians with six different backgrounds writing a common music for the people. The end result is 4R music...Rap, Reggae, R&B and Rock. The songs are simple and catchy, but contain a depth and meaning not often found in the mainstream. The music strives to be real and honest in these times of cookie-cutter pop and vacuous pop-hits.

The players?

Jugganut belts out soulful melodies like no other. Each phrase is a memorable hook, executed to perfection. You'll not forget a chorus after a Slimpocket show. His background is mostly R&B, hip-hop and reggae. His life on the streets has formed a story which comes out with every performance. He puts it all into every show.

Rex fills out the vocals with a hardened-edge rap style. His lyrics call out the fraud and unrest of today's crap politics of fear and lies. Growing up mostly on reggae and hip-hop he also spent his youth spinning tables at parties and clubs around the city. He's got a solid stage presence which should not be missed.

Saeed provides Slimpocket with the tightest backbone possible. His style is all flavor and feel and energy. He comes from a heavy jazz background, but again has been influenced mostly by hip-hop and R&B styles. His beat-box holds down the groove with solid bass and rhythm tracks. If you are very lucky, you may get to hear him play a solo...a performance worth attending every show.

Jeff dances on the keys like nobody else. He is arguable the most energetic player onstage. Coming from a classical and jazz background his style has added a unique touch to the music. You will hear grooves, melodies, solos, effects and perfect tone coming from this guy. Additionally, his song-writing skills have brought Slimpocket to another level. Excellent!

Tom (aka 2%) lays down the low-end in slimpocket. Drawing on experience in rock, funk, and jazz, Tom and his five-stringing fingers drive the beats from slow and steady to hard and heavy.

Goody rounds out the crew with his clever guitars. Sounds ranging from clean and pretty to dirty heavy jump from his fingers. His background was mostly psychedelic rock and groove which has morphed nicely into a hip-hop-friendly sound filled with sublime effects, fluid playing and biting solos. The sounds fit perfectly with the rest of the music, yet maintain a creative side sorely lacking in most popular music. Come to a Slimpocket show and see why.

Catch this live music phenomenon now before they start filling the larger venues. Slimpocket plays venues all around the Northeast, and as the crowds grow so will the charges to see them, and I'm telling you nothing beats seeing this band play in a small club with a packed, energetic crowd. You will not forget that show ever.